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Report (Fake) - France gives up on its France

It is yesterday that French President A declared giving up on France as a French territory. This “giving up”, he said, would take the form of a land of experiments that would be patented by France.

President A said, at the meeting ministers on Wednesday- that we can noticed he maintained once elected, as “a sculpture homage to an older world”. Indeed, giving up on French territory, President A invited an immediate emigration. The dissolution of French budget, he mentioned will be completely allocated to this experiment. In the continuation of this earlier ideas, the concept of the country capital city will be destroyed. New towns will be constructed across the former country. President A said, while trying the modesty he is so infamously famous for, that the geniuses of all the art worlds will be commission by France. This project, which has been lingering on the desks of the Elysée for more than a decade already has had the opportunity to see its premises flourished. We are delighted to hear that many of the artists involved now have the opportunity to come out of darkness. One of them, C.C, told to the French press earlier today how “relieved he was to now be able to share this project that was been the main part of his time for the last 16 months.”. “What have you been doing C” kept asking my friends, “you know, doing some stuff.”. “Now, I can finally exhale”” expressed the artist.

On the other side of the mediatic spectrum, reactions from the people were various. Although the idea wasn’t coming from nowhere and whereas it was at first difficult for the French people to accept this brutal transition, also President A’s final argument remained successful. “France is and has always been a country of creations and of freedoms. France exists beyond the borders of France. The world, our world, is facing stakes that we will only be able to solve by redefining the boundaries of our singularities. France doesn’t need the materiality of its boundaries. We have allies that will be acting with us in this process. It is a risk that we’ll be taking but it is a risk that will be beneficial to the future to come.”

President A didn’t take any further question. He maintained that a conference will be soon held at the UNESCO headquarters to redistribute how this new geography will be distributed.


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