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"The Mailboxes", an opportunity for citizen direct consultation


The Mailboxes, is a decentralised neighboordwood based initiative. Every week, or so, on a platform called after its eponym name, a question (or a call-to-project) is raised. Those questions can reach from: "How would you see your pedestrian crossings?" to "Which floral composition for the bus stop roof?". Once those questions are posted on the platform, people think about it (as much as they want), and write their ideas (if they want us to read it).

Now, to make it more neighboorhoody and real-life based, comes the second part of this project: The Mailboxes.

The Mailboxes are the receptacle for ideas. Every one can create their Mailboxes and put it the public space. A Mailboxe can be any sealed object with a slit (for the letter, as you can imagine). The one that sets the Mailboxe becomes responsable to look inside the Mailboxe every week to read the ideas that have been shared (along with whoever he wants). By the Mailboxe, there is a piggy box (and a venmo account number-yes) where people can give money to realize the ideas shared in their neighboordhood Mailboxes. Mailboxe makers can delegate their duty to whoever they want to (living in the area).

The reader/s go through the propositions and pick one that they like (or make a pre-selection and later share their selection to the public, that votes). Once the projects is picked, it is the duty of the reader, or whoever they would have delegate the manager side to, to gather people to make this project exists with the money made available throught the piggy bank, and the neighborhood venmo account.

Every week, the question changes. Every week another discussion is started.



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