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The Auditor

In colleges, many of our classes are requirements. We take a major, and once this major is completed, we have two options. Whether to comply to A classes, if we’re heading for a master or Ph.D., whether to risk Bs - Cs, etc - in classes that are really demanding (and usually, a lot more interesting),

The idea of “The Auditor” would be the following. College students find a major they want to thrive in -their main major- and then pick, if they want to, another major, “the auditor major”. In this latter, it could whether work as P/F, whether as grades hidden from transcript, whether as those latter given upon a third standard that would be “auditor’s one.”-yes, one that is basically more forgiving.

Indeed, this was set into place, students wouldn’t take classes that they know are boring (but grade-generous), they would take classes that are: yes- challenging, yes- difficult, yes - grade-tough. Nevertheless, they could take classes that are transforming, which should, after all (if we were able to remember ourselves) be the purpose of taking a class, be transformed by knowledge.

Please feel free to share your ideas on alternatives to grades here.


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