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Getting A Ticket for Positive Action

People get tickets for the red lights, their belt not on, speed, and many other things. That said, people in their car- or merely people active in a social world- are under a form of constant threat that can only go in one direction. Implementing a ticket for positive social action would be a nice way to balance out individuals relationship to authority. Obviously, if the tickets are also a method to get state income, the tickets for positive action wouldn't have financial value. Nevertheless, we could think of something. Right now what comes to my mind is a card that after a certain amount of positive action tickets could get the individuals access to state provided experiences, tax discounts, trainings of some kind. Indeed, it is important to transform the relationship of individuals with the "unexpected factor" of the streets. Although I acknowledge the conter argument that positive action shouldn't be incentivize through "good points", it actually seems that this process is working along the exact same principle as the ticket, but for the good of the individual that can then expend within the outside world.


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