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"Emergency Civic Training", a mandatory training for those participating in the voting/ civic life

ENGLISH VERSION ONLY We sometimes face situations that we weren't expecting: we as persons, we as society. Society sometimes face situations that it wasn't expecting. We can take the COVID19 situation, but they are many others- smaller one usually though- political campaign, vaccine campagain, referendum on deontological questions. Anyhow, humans often face their own unabilities to cope with a specific situation, and often have to find the solution by themselves.

"Emergency Civic Training" would be mandatory training organized in situations of "Emergency". Paid by the government, Emergency Civid Training would be mandetory one day call, to choose between an array of dates overlying of a fifteen day period. During those Training citizens and foreigners whose main residents is the country where the Emergency Civic Trainings are happening would get perspectives from professionals about the topic of the Training.

From conferences gathering differents perspective about contemporary issues to more hand-on skill training, those Civic Training would insure the minimums knowledge required by someone to vote, in an age of interfaces enlighten by misinformations.



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