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"An act of..."


Noticing, what about the action of "noticing" might seems to you as beautifully sounding that it does for me. Noticing is an action, but it is so wit

hout being a stepping in. Noticing is an observation, but without it being a judgement. It is seeing, without "asteindre" ("compelling"?). It is being aware, without being everywhere. Also, "noticing" is silence, and we are so much "talking".

"An act of..." is an app (using localization) that allows one to express silently their experience of their environment (without words). It is an interface displaying different intentions what could be within acts : love, friendship, civism, racism, sexism, tenderness. One would not have to mention if they witness an "Act of", or if they experienced an "Act of"; however, they would have the possibility to precise if they wish so.

Moving forward, an opening for this app could be to study localizations by mapping areas where "Acts of" have been witnessed more than in other places.

Acts are often something we want to act against/upon. Maybe it is only that we need someone to know we've witness our lives.


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