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Alternating Inflations #FakeNewsRoom

The IMF announced earlier this morning a policy aimed at restorating a form of international order. This policy, the IMF director C.D said, would take the form of the following. “A sample list of countries will be disclosed later this afternoon. Along with this initial list, another list will be shared. This latter one will be composed of some of the countries left yet unmentionned by the first. All those countries will be assigned a specific plan.

The countries mentionned by the initial list will be kept with really high prices throughout the following 10 years. On the contrary, the countries part of the other list will be kept at really low prices throughout the following 10 years. If the distribution might sound arbitrary for some, the goal, as it was described, will be, on the one hand to offer the possibility to third world countries to benefit of a stimulus, on the other hand, to offer “the first and second world” countries the opportunity to redevelop inlands manufacturing services, to redemocratize the deployment of manual skill sets, to enhance a sense of belonging through a form of autonomy.

Whereas the idea seemed overally controversial to some while others brutally pointed out how their freedom and purchasing power will be affected across borders, the director merely answered that “the challenges of today might require some effort, that those efforts, couldn’t anymore merely be supported by those who never had the luxury to have it.”

To this crowd’s anger, IMF’s director C.D. is understanding. Nevertheless, the decision is firm. That being said, if the list is definitive, agreements have been drawn so that people who were willing to move out of the country to which the list assigned a low (or high) price level could move to a neutral country. Given 10 years to transform themselves, the countries unlisted will be monitored and funds will flow from a country to another throughout this period. After the 10 years period completed, the lists composition will change from scratch, according to development needs.

Victoire Mandonnaud


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