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How it works

There is a certain optimistim needed for you in any kind of contribution or entreprise with The Generator. In its essence, The Generator trusts that change can occur and that as with any change, it can occur from one day to the next. History is created by the conditions that make an event happen. The Generator stands for inclusion, for breaking through judgments and Ideas; and most of all, for the ability of individuals to emancipate from norms and structures in which their freedom to explore is oppressed.

Precisions for contributors (thinkers, artists, policymakers, etc)

Special notes for artist contributions

How it works

As an artist contributor you can propose an interpretation - out of the ones available (and/or propose one) - of how the reality would look like if those systems were really implemented. You can use any medium you would like to (photography, painting, writing, performance, film, etc.) -  knowing that if we work with abstractions as to the conceptualising part of policymaking, The Generator takes a stand for a form of clarity within the representations of those. We think of the arts as embedded with the ability to clarify complex concepts and expand the possibility for comprehension of an idea as a whole. Think of your contribution as a fictional documentary; how would the world look like? Text-us if you have any other questions, we can help you getting it off the ground.

Special notes for thinker contributions

How it works

As a thinker contributor you can critique the proposals and their interpretations, enhance limits and/or ways to break through them. The angle that you should take to speak our language is the language of rhetoric as The Generator stands for the possibility that any rhetorically accurate sentence can be outputted into reality. We are looking for articulate and correct, leaning-on-inclusion groups of phrases dissecting systems of interactions. Another way to contribute is -your turn- to propose a policy idea or unit of value for an alternative currency. The Generator will publish absurdities and total abstractions if the ideas within are going in the direction we are following. We won’t publish “noir” ideas.

Special notes for policymakers and people of relative power/influence

As a policymaker, mathematician, scientist, gallery worker, agent, newspaper, printer, etc, -  you can send us your knowledge and enlightenment on the developed concepts, you can give us ideas as to how to implement it in a real world. Simply; you can offer us exposure or/and advocate for our ideas within your fields.

Special notes for the others - no one is an other here. Send us anything you trust in. 

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